About us

PURRsonals Started in 2007

More than 20 years ago, PURRsonals.com was probably the first of its kind – a dating site where people could meet, share their love of cats, and perhaps get together for dating.

We at PURRsonals.com are happy to now launch this new website, which has everything you’ll need to be part of the new PURRsonals.com Cat Lovers Social Community” of people who want to share their love of cats.

You will be able to join for free while we continue to make improvements and add features along the way.

You will be able to find other cat lovers in your area or across the world. You will  have the ability to message each other, be part of a group, have your own blog section, upload photos and videos, and even video chat!

Finally, A Place to Go For Us Cat Lovers - PURRsonals.com