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  • James Beddingfield

    July 6, 2023 at 3:09 pm

    Hey CR Cross Cross! Wow! Someone finally replied! I’m caught off guard now. Busy at work here in Houston but not too busy to reply to another cat lover. I see a lot of cat lovers on Twitter in their bios.

    Typical Summer day here. Hot and humid! My kitty is lying on the top of my desk beside my keyboard. She gets in the way a lot of times but I tolerate it. I rescued her off of a post on Nextdoor.com. She was about a mile away and the owners were ‘getting rid’ of her and I took her and now I understand why. She is the oddest kitty I’ve ever known and I’ve known lots of cats. She loves me though.

    Hope your day is going well and maybe we can jump start this site. Have a great day!