Dear Members:

Effective immediately these are the rules for this membership site. Please abide by the rules as they are intended to keep the group a clean, safe and fun place to meet other cat lovers.#1. No political or controversial comments of any kind.
#2. No posting of live videos.
#3. No bashing, attacking or insulting another member.
#4. No profanity of any kind including abbreviations.
#5. DO NOT add/invite anyone to the group. They will be automatically declined. If they want to join the group let them join on their own and fill out the questioner.
#6. Do not post anything that contains a link to an outside source such as Youtube, GoFundMe, another Facebook page, Wikipedia or any News channel or website, including News articles or videos about current or past events.
#7. No post requesting Thoughts & Prayers on the groups page. They should be posted on your personal Facebook page not on the groups page.
#8. No posting of advertisement or promoting of any kind.
#9. No posting of obscene or inappropriate pictures including drawings and sketches.
#10. No posting of Birthdays or Deaths of T.V. personalizes, athletics or celebrities.
#11. Anyone requesting to join the group must have a profile picture or they are automatically declined.
#12. If a person has a “Private” Facebook account (meaning that the admins cannot click on their profile page) the person is denied membership.
#13. If a member blocks either of the two admins they are removed from the group.

Also, if you see something that is inappropriate or doesn’t belong in the group, please report it to one of the admins so we can take the appropriate action as soon as possible.

As always, lets keep this group a clean, fun and safe place for cat lovers to connect and making new friends.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.